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Realtors, business owners, and network marketers use yard card business displays to draw attention. See suggestions and photo examples below to see some of the great ways that yard cards can be used to grow your business!

It may be helpful to know that business displays are $95 for up to 25 characters (letters and numbers) in the message. However, for businesses, we do offer the option to rent displays for up to a week for $165

yard card business example
This yard card business display has 13 characters

Yard Card Business Phrases

General Business Display Phrases

Specific Business Phrases:
Open House
Welcome Home
Welcome To Your New Home
Home Sweet Home
Here’s Your Key!

Business Owner:
Grand Opening!
Seasonal Special!

Network Marketer:
The Party Is Here!

You can pick any business phrase you want. These are just ideas. We especially recommend any phrases that is unique to your business or business event. A call to action display can create foot traffic that pays for the display and increases your profits.

When we set up your display, we will choose the accent pieces and decorations based on the information provided by you to match the theme of your display.

We may be able to do custom decor for you if there is enough advance notice on the order for an extra cost depending on the ease and reusability of the custom design.

–> If you are ready to discuss a yard cards display for business, fill in an availability request on our schedule page and let me know the date you are interested in. If you decide to place your business display order, it is only $95. If you will be doing repeat yard card displays, we may be able to arrange discount pricing.

If you do order a business display, please reach out to us on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/WickedYahdCahds/ or on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/wickedyahdcahds/ and share any pictures! We’d love to see them! #wickedyahdcahds

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